One of the key requirements in getting a cybersecurity job is to have the necessary certification. In the Information Technology industry, certifications are a widely used measure to judge the qualifications of a job candidate. Hiring managers, HR departments, and security recruiters commonly list certifications that any prospective candidate must have. On this page, we list 3 entry-level certifications that you obtain in order to get a job in cybersecurity.


The A+ certification is an entry level certification by CompTIA. In order to receive this certification, the individual must show that they know the absolute basics of IT. If you are attempting to get into cybersecurity and have absolutely no knowledge about computers, mobile devices, and basic networking, then it is highly recommended that you first learn the basics and get an A+ certification.


The Network+ certification is a tailored certification that focuses on networking. According to CompTIA, an individual who holds the Network+ certification has the capability to¬†“design, configure, manage and troubleshoot any wired and wireless network”. Similar to the A+, if you have no experience in any IT field and are looking to get into cybersecurity, it may be a good idea to study about Networks and pass the Network+ certification.


The Security+ certification is an absolute necessity for anyone looking to get into cybersecurity. This certification shows employers that you fully understand the basics of cybersecurity, and that you are able to handle basic network security tasks. It also shows employers that you understand risk management and the common threats against computers and networks. The US Department of Defense requires the Security+ certification for many information security jobs for both military personnel as well as government contractors. Studying for this certification will also give you a great overview of the various topics in cybersecurity.

These cybersecurity certifications will help get your started on your new career in cybersecurity. Once you obtain these certs, you will need to continue your training in order to renew them. Be sure to keep up to date as we will be providing additional information about more advanced cybersecurity certifications.