Top Twitter Accounts to Follow to Learn Cybersecurity

Twitter is one of the best resources to get the latest about cybersecurity. One of the most effective way to learn about the cybersecurity industry is to follow the key leaders and news makers and see what they are discussing.

Below are just a few accounts to start following. Once you start following these individuals, Twitter’s algorhtyim will provide you with more accounts to follow.

Brian Krebs: @briankrebs – Independent investigative journalnist who runs the website His twitter feed and his website are must follows for anyone interested in cybersecurity. Krebs has broken numerous stories about data breaches and other forms of cybercrime.

Joseph Cox: @josephfcox = Digital crimes reporter for Motherboard. Cox is an expert in the dark web, and constantly breaks stories about the hidden side of the internet.

Lesley Carhart: @hacks4pancakes – One of the best accounts to follow if you are looking to get into cybersecurity. Carhart provides constant encouragement, tips, and general advice to people starting out their careers in cybersecurity. Her website,, is also an extremely valuable resource for those breaking into cybersecurity. Be sure to read her “Ask Lesley InfoSec Advice Columns.

Swift on Security: @SwiftOnSecurity – Fun account that takes on the persona of Taylor Swift. The writer works in IT security and provides great commentary on current security practices and ways to improve. Her website is a great read for learning how to harden an IT system.

Tory Hunt: @toryhunt – Microsoft executive and instructor of security courses on Pluralsight. Hunt also runs the valuable website, where you can enter your email address and see if it has been compromised.

Safer Online by Microsoft: @Safer_Online – Account managed by Microsoft that provides tips and discussion on online security.

Identity Theft Resource Center: @ITRCSD – Provides news and safety tips about identity theft online. Offers stories that intersect with cybersecurity.

FireEye: @FireEye – One of the leading cybersecurity firms, Good follow to get a sense of what companies in the cybersecurity industry do.

Cybersecurity Courses Online : @getintocyber – Of course, we have to recommend our twitter account. Keep up with all of our posts, news, and links to interesting articles that can help you get into cybersecurity.